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Do you love anime? Are you a talented artist, animator or content creator looking for an opportunity to share your creations with the world and get paid doing it?

Well, KiKi is inviting talented creators to help make KiKi art.

It's simple - submit your art, work with our team and get paid.


What Art You can make

We are intrested in any art work as long as it is KiKi related. But here is an example of some of the type of art you can make and get paid for:

  • Anime Chartcters
  • Creations of KiKi
  • Single/Album Covers
  • Fan Art
  • Anime Worlds
  • Lyric videdos/content
  • Social media content
  • Merch Ideas
  • Your imagination :)

Content you can submit

Drawings, illustrations, Photoshop work, GIFs, Animations and Videos

Jul 2021

Official announcement of the KiKi project with first single Bruises due to come out early September.

KiKi was founded

It takes good people to
do good things.



Producer & Band Mate



Singer-songwriter & muscian



Content creator - Artist

- LIVE ❤️


Book KiKi for free,
Very Limited time

KiKi + Band & engineer

For a limited time, you can book KiKi for your live event for free. 

This includes KiKi, their band, sound engineer and equipment.  

An offer you want to jump on quickly because it won’t be around for long. 


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We're looking for talentent artists, animators and other content creators
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Become a KiKi Content Creator and we’ll pay you. 

Are you a creative person who loves anime? Enjoys creating worlds or consider yourself a bit of an animation wizz. 

We’re looking for talented artist and digital creators to join our Content Creators Hub. 

Submit art, work with our team and get paid. 

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